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Corporation:                A-MARS
Trade Name:                A-MARS.INC
Address:                      1406 Virginia Ave, Unit#6, Baldwin Park, CA 91706
Board Of Directors:   President: Vincent Chan | Vice President: Leo Lai
Established Date:      2009
Type of Business:     Motorcycle Parts Trade

" A-MARS " is motorcycle aftermarket bodykits and carbon fiber distributor to our dealerships in Canada, England, taiwan and Hong Kong. Being a customer of A-MARS, you can be confident that you are working with a dependable and trustworthy company here for the long term.

We created " A-MARS " to demystify carbon fiber technology and to make it accessible to our customers. We are a Carbon Fiber specialist, and are your headquarters for finding special kinds carbon fiber products for your bike. We have an extensive selection of carbon fiber front fenders,rear fenders, mid side fairings, headlight fairings, engine covers, belly pans, side panels, seat cowls and more.

We are constantly developing and testing new products and ideas that we feel will make a huge different compare with other competitor. At A-MARS, satisfying the customer is our #1 priority. Our sales staff and customer service staff are made aware that they have one objective with their positions at A-MARS, which is to make sure each and every single customer that they help walks away satisfied with their experience. After all, if it wasnt for you, we wouldnt be in business.

For additional information please feel free to contact us.